Guide to buying an inversion table

One may be wondering what an inversion table is. Well, this is a piece of equipment that provides relief from back pains and aches. One may have gotten tired of taking painkillers to soothe their back pain issues and an inversion table provides a good solution. Other benefits inamaclude better posture, inversion therapy helps improve the posture of a person. It also helps relieve muscles, the therapy help to revitalize and relax muscles. Inversion therapy also allows better blood circulation throughout the body. Finally, inversion therapy help keep the spinal discs connected, functioning well and healthy. If you are looking to buy an inversion table what do you need to consider? Below is a guide.

Buying inversion table

Type of inversion tables

There are three types of inversion tables available in the market. First, we have the fixed inversion table. This was the first inversion table model. It is a large table, stationary and a bit hard to move around. It has good padding, different inversion angles and is quite durable. Secondly, we have the portable inversion tables, they are portable and easy to move around and carry. They have gained popularity due to their foldability and compact design, that enable storage. Finally, we have the infrared inversion table. These tables have a heating element that is inbuilt to the backrest padding. The heating element provides heat therapy for sore muscles.


One needs to check on the material that the inversion table has been built on. The material needs to be sturdy and durable to avoid the table breaking. It is advisable to buy inversion tables made of high carbon steel. Those made of plastic may not be strong enough to handle one’s weight.

Tables frame

The frame is an important feature that one needs to pay attention. One needs to get a quality frame, which will be able to bear their entire body weight. Frames will also specify the minimum and maximum weight for the user and also the height. Be sure to check on this while shopping to purchase a table that will best suit you.

Comfort levels

It is essential that one looks for an inversion table that is comfortable to use. Check on the padding for the back pads and ankle holder. The padding needs to be adequate to allow one to be comfortable when using the inversion table.


One needs to check on the safety features of the inversion table. Safety should not be compromised, hence one needs to look at the safety features like floor stabilizers, vinyl cover, ankle locks and a good quality frame.

Size and design

Finally, consider the size and design of the inversion table. Here one needs to consider their space for some models can be quite huge and pose a space challenge. Look for models that will fit well to your need.