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Picking the Right Pair of Soccer Cleats

Purchasing the right pair of soccer cleats is usually challenging since there are various factors to look at. We have different types of soccer players who play in different positions. Some types of soccer cleats are suitable for players playing in specific areas.

With so many brands in the market, many soccer players are usually confused when it comes to buying the perfect soccer cleat. Thesportbro guide together with this article looks at some of the factors to consider when picking the right pair of soccer cleat.


well-fitted bootsAs a football player, you need to be comfortable in your pair of soccer cleat if you are to give your best. They should fit appropriately since soccer involves lots of running, sprinting, and kicking the ball for 90 minutes or more.

They should have laces which can be used to tightened or loosened depending on the right circumstances. The soccer cleats should not be too small or big for a player.

Right Size

Different players have different foot sizes. The soccer cleats manufacturers, therefore, design different sizes of boots to cater for all the players regardless of their foot size.

You should always know what your foot size is when you are visiting the store. Since different manufacturers use different conventions when labeling the size of the boots always ensure that you fit them first before leaving the store. The shoes should have sufficient space between the front of the boot and the toes.

Type of Player

When it comes to soccer, we have different kinds of players who play in different positions. Some of the classifications of the soccer players include goalkeepers, defenders, midfielder, wingers, and strikers. In most cases, the wingers and the strikers are typically speedy and therefore need the light soccer cleats that will facilitate their pace when they are playing. You need to establish the boots that are of the right balance by knowing what type of player you are.

Material Used

boots and soccer ballDifferent types of materials are used when making the soccer cleats; the upper part might be made of leather while the sole might be made of plastic. Always take into consideration the type of material that has been used since some are ideal for perfect soccer play whereas the others are not.

Some materials are also more durable than the others. Some of the elements that are used in making these boots include leather, synthetic leather, k-leather, and mesh just but to mention a few.

Boot Categories

The soccer cleats are also categorized differently. We have boots that are designed for control, power, speed, hybrid, and heritage. The soccer cleats that are designed for control, speed, and power are great for the wingers and strikers, while the hybrid one is perfect for the defenders.