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Aesthetic Surgery: the Rewards and the Risk

Not everyone is born beautiful. And in some cases, injuries can also disfigure our appearance. The development of plastic surgery has facilitated both people who pursue perfection in their physical beauty and those who need the procedure for restorative purposes.

If you happen to be interested in plastic surgery, you should know what aesthetic surgery can achieve and what the risks are. And if you are only curious about the subject, reading through this article can hopefully increase your awareness of how aesthetic surgery has become a part of modern society. Awareness is vital to avoid ignorance and reduce the likelihood of people to stigmatize others who have undergone the procedure.

Breast Surgery

perky breastsBreast surgery is the topic that is most likely to appear in our minds whenever we discuss plastic surgery. There are two types of breast surgery: augmentation and reduction. Bigger the better is not always the case when we talk about women’s comfort. Drew Barrymore, Heidi Montag, Pamela Anderson, and Kris Jenner are four celebs who had breast reduction procedure.

Moreover, big breasts are perhaps alluring to look at, but the females with that condition often complain their back hurts because of the weight. There is also medical speculation that correlates the size of the breasts with the probability of breast cancer.

The second type, the augmentation procedure, is already familiar to our ears. Most females believe that by getting a pair of perky breasts, they can be more confident with their appearance. Some achieve that goal by working out, while others by breast augmentation. At some degree, surgery is inevitable, especially if you want to go from B to D cup size.

And unlike what you see in the viral hoax videos of breast implants exploding during a flight, breast surgery these days is perfectly safe and quickly done (just in 6 hours). The complications are also minimum, under the condition of you following what the surgeons tell you.

Buttock Implants

buttock augmentationPlastic surgery is life-changing not only to females but also males. More men are getting buttock implants these days. The procedure can achieve a fuller and firm look without the trouble of intense exercise. And the best news is that it is permanent, unlike that toned shape you get from training.

Like breast implants, buttock implants operation needs either general or local sedation, depending on the desired look. Once you are unconscious, the surgeon will make an incision of 6-8 cm to insert the implants. The process takes 7 to 8 hours on average. And the post-surgery recovery can take up to three months.

Eye Color Surgery

optical modification surgeryEye color surgery is on this list because some people do it. What you must know is that FDA does not approve the procedure. Silicone injection or implant disk on the eye can alter the eye moisture and damage the cells. And if any defects occur, they are often irreversible.

The most well-known case of malpractice of this surgery happened to Bruna, an Instagram model who flew to Columbia to get the procedure. She got her eyes done, but then she realized how her sight was reduced. Her right eye vision only works 20 percents, and the left eye is only 50 percents functional.

However, as reported on CNN, laser technology enables us to turn brown eyes into blue. The laser works by destroying the melanin membranes on the eyes. After all, brown eyes people get the color because of those membranes.

But if what you want is more colors, you can use eye lenses instead. Though the result is not permanent, at least wearing the lenses does not put you in an impairing risk.